Michael Brutsch

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Over thirty years of programming, design and systems maintenance experience with a focus on the POSIX/Linux environment and systems software. Extensive experience in the healthcare industry, integrating in-house customer systems using industry standard protocols.

Note to Recruiters:
  • I no longer use MUMPS or PERL
  • I do not live in the Dallas area
  • I am only interested in remote opportunities
  • Thank you for your interest.


Remote healthcare data integration opportunities, leveraging my current experience.

Current Skills

Ruby, Oracle SQL, HL7, Healthcare EDI


Brutsch Consulting, Inc. - Remote (Telecommute)
January 2013 - Present

Healthcare Data Integration Engineer

  • Long track record of successfully integrating increasingly large customer data feeds (HL7 ADT, EDI patient claims and charges, wholesaler accounts and invoices) for multi-site hospital systems into my client's custom 340B software system.

First Cash Financial Services - Arlington, Texas
August 2004 - October 2012

Application Developer

  • Wrote point-of-sale, cash handling and back-end accounting applications for financial services company using Perl and MS-SQL
  • Experience with police/FBI reporting for pawn stores, ATF regulations for gun sales, and ACH integration
  • Wrote and deployed ATF-compliant gun handling module, from Federal regulations to POS and accounting system in 6 weeks
  • Converted 36 pawn stores from two different propriety formats into ours, in just 3 days, working only after business hours

PHP Programmer / Linux Systems administrator

  • Contracted to redesign, rewrite and deploy portions of golf-related website
  • Developed threaded socket server to communicate with Verifone POS terminals Implemented server-side message handlers based on predefined protocols
  • Introduced CVS for source code control
  • Compiled and installed MySQL/Apache/PHP on Debian and RedHat servers
  • Implemented wikiweb (TWiki), used extensively for online documentation
  • Typical sysadmin duties, including tape backups, server installs, user mail, Windows integration, etc.

Global Cyber Strategies - Dallas, Texas
August 2003 - March 2004

Perl Programmer / Linux Systems administrator

  • Maintained DNS for several hundred domains using Perl scripts
  • Wrote Perl scripts to generate custom Apache configuration for several hundred domains running on remote webservers
  • Wrote front-end scripts in Perl and PHP for database data-entry, server-side scripts in Perl to generate websites from templates and data
  • Compiled/installed Linux kernels, Apache, PHP, etc.
  • Replaced SonicWall firewall with Linux/iptables
  • Installed LDAP; migrated existing users
  • Typical sysadmin duties, including tape backups, server installs, user mail, Windows integration, etc.

Netmark, International - Anchorage, AK. (telecommute)
August 2001 - October 2003

Perl Developer

  • Migrated existing Perl CGI scripts to OO-compliant modules in support of mod_perl conversion
  • Led migration of Perl codebase from CVS to BitKeeper
  • Acted as primary support programmer, for existing 400,000-line Perl codebase
  • Led migration of support tracking to Bugzilla
  • Interfaced payment systems with PayPal and Revecom (Paysystems), using Perl
  • Developed cost-based ROI tracking

Intrusion.com - Dallas, Texas
January 2001 - August 2001

Perl/CGI Developer

  • Developed a secure, SOAP-based API for remote system administration in Perl using SSL over HTTP on a hardened Redhat Linux
  • Developed a modular GUI framework and subsequent web-based client in Perl based upon the SOAP API
  • Served as buildmaster; led migration of codebase from CVS to BitKeeper
  • Built RPMs for Perl Modules from in-house and third-party code for public release
  • Managed development process from requirements to 'gold' manufacturing release

TIAS.com - Houston, Texas (telecommute)
January 2000 - January 2001

Systems Engineer

  • Responsible for developing, operating and maintaining all email services for a registered user base of 100,000 individuals, using Perl
  • Managed bulletin boards, written in Perl
  • Performed sysadmin tasks and systems support for five high-end servers
  • Modified GPL C code as required for improving systems functionality

Dynacare Labs, Inc. - Addison, Texas
1999 - 2000

PHP Developer (Contract)

  • Developed interactive corporate Internet/intranet web site using PHP with MySQL and Apache running under Red Hat Linux
  • Created forms to allow employees to update web site information without editing HTML
  • Made modifications to 3rd-party website hosted by Dynacare
  • Developed forms and templates using PHP and custom graphics using the GIMP (for the Montreal Canadiens)

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) - Plano, Texas
1998 - 1999

Systems Engineer, Advanced

  • Linux system administrator for departmental Apache web server
  • Authored and maintained intranet site using PHP and MySQL on Slackware and Red Hat distributions
  • Installed and upgraded Apache, Perl, Samba, MySQL, and PHP
  • Familiar with standard GNU utilities, X11, networking, firewalls
  • Managed local and national development teams developing desktop and distributed applications using Delphi and HL7
  • Provided support to Y2K / IV&V group

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) - Dallas, Texas
1997 - 1998

Senior Systems Analyst

  • System administrator for Linux and Windows NT servers
  • Designed NT-based intranet
  • Trained users in web design and maintenance using FrontPage and related technologies
  • Adapted laboratory instrument interface specs for use on intranet
  • Maintained existing laboratory systems
  • Developed instrument interfaces
  • Trained users in device troubleshooting techniques
  • Developed system utilities
  • Designed and implemented device management system

VA Medical Center - Charleston, SC
1989 - 1996

Senior Software Developer (GS-11)

  • Technical Lead for Delphi development project to replace and augment legacy MUMPS-based HIS systems with client/server Primary Care application
  • Experienced with Borland Delphi V 1.0 - 4.0, MUMPS, HTML, Windows API

VMS Systems Manager (GS-7 - GS-9)

  • Responsible for 24x7 hospital data center including VMS and DSM systems, VMS clusters, DSM installation and configuration, application and IDE upgrades, VMS upgrades and performance tuning, and PathWORKS LAN
  • Developed numerous time-saving automated systems for multiple environments
  • Gained proficiency in VMS, DCL, MUMPS. POSIX, Clustering, DECnet, PathWORKS, TCP/IP (UCX)

Digital Computer Mechanic (GS-5)

  • Software Developer - Developed integrated software interface to automated pharmaceutical equipment
  • Distributed and supported software nationally
  • Computer Mechanic - Responsible for rewiring datacenter, PC hardware installation, troubleshooting and maintenance

Miscellaneous Positions
1983 - 1989

Office Manager, Warehouse Manager, Machine Operator and Computer Operator

U.S. Air Force - HQ AFSC, Andrews AFB, MD / HQ SAC, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE
1981 - 1983

MAJCOM Programming Specialist

  • Assigned to Command Headquarters
  • Developed software to monitor mainframe system performance
  • Created graphics display systems for reporting to senior command staff
  • Interfaced mainframe and PC networks in support of ARPANET using Z80 and TOPS-20 assembler
  • Trained users and technical staff


Superior Performance Awards - VA - 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994


Technical and programming training initially obtained during scholarship programs and military service; additional education subsequently gained through in-house training, independent study and industry seminars. Most recent training was MS SQL Administrator Training in Dec 2011.